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NBC4 Washington is committed to Working 4 You. For more than 75 years, NBC4/WRC-TV has been a helpful, trusted neighbor providing news, information and weather to ensure that you're up to date on everything happening across the Washington, D.C. region.

Together with Telemundo 44, we have a trustworthy and experienced team of bilingual journalists who bring you in-depth reporting and investigative stories that provide context about issues that impact your family, your health, your money and your safety.

Whether you watch and read NBC4 stories on a television, your phone or a computer, NBC4 Washington is the Capital Beltway region's home for accurate local and national news. NBC4 is also Working 4 You In the Community, sponsoring and participating in more than 50 community events each year.

Our Story

WRC-TV signed on the air June 27, 1947. That first night, we aired only 3.5 hours of programming which included Toscanini, news reels, a boxing match and a variety show. 

Our first home was a makeshift studio in the Wardman Park Hotel. Many of the staff, who came from WRC Radio, were trailblazers in the field of broadcast television. By converting moving vans and buses into mobile units, we could broadcast from almost anywhere. Within a few weeks, we were airing local theater, and while the early images were primitive, that didn't lessen the impact of having Shakespeare beamed into your living room.

WRC has had a lot of firsts in our history. We carried the first live coverage from Capitol Hill — the Marshall Plan hearings. Then came the debut of Meet the Press, which is still on the air as the first and the longest-running public affairs show. In 1949, we joined three other stations to broadcast a presidential inauguration for the first time. A year later, we reached halfway around the world to bring viewers The Battle Report. Then on January 14, 1952, NBC launched Today, the first of the national morning programs. 

NBC television had caught on fast, and we created a lot of programs to cover as many hours of the day as we could. When Jim Henson was a student at the University of Maryland, he created a five-minute show on our station called Sam and FriendsSome of those friends would become The Muppets. The show aired twice a day from 1955 to 1961. There were other programs, too, including It’s Academic, which became the longest-running television quiz show in the world and aired on our station until 2022.

Along with all those shows came personalities and reporters who many of us grew up with in the Washington area, such as Willard Scott, Arch Campbell, Katie Couric, Sue Simmons, Steve Doocy, Lea Thompson, Savannah Guthrie, Craig Melvin, Aaron Gilchrist and so many more. People who work here also live in our community, and that's driven the way we've been working for you for so many years. Aisha Karimah spent nearly 50 years at our station, making sure we cared for the community that cared so much for us.

Along the way, we helped you check out your wellness at our Health & Fitness Expos, provided food during critical times of the year through Food 4 Families and Project Harvest, made sure your kids had the tools they needed through Backpacks 4 Kids, helped solve Washington D.C.’s problem with infant mortality through Beautiful Babies Right from the Start, and helped find homes for foster children for a quarter century through our Wednesday's Child program with Barbara Harrison.

We've worked to keep you safe from unpredictable weather, celebrated our local sports teams, learned together how to protect our environment, asked tough questions of candidates, changed laws, helped you save time and money, and measured a lot of snow with the Pat Collins Snow Stick.

We've held on to each other through the dark days of the Iran hostage crisis, the Hanafi Muslim siege, September 11th, times of war, and the coronavirus pandemic. We have also brought new members of our family into our studios, including Telemundo 44.

Our studios on Nebraska Avenue have seen a lot of comings and a lot of goings since opening in 1958. We've grieved together for the friends we’ve lost, including George Michael, Joe Krebs, Willard Scott, Wendy Rieger, and the soul of our station, Jim Vance, who spent almost 50 years on the air at WRC-TV.

Now, people in the Washington, D.C. area are finding us on new platforms. Sure, we're online and on social media, but now you can also find us on devices that were unimaginable back in 1947 – Roku, Peacock and Amazon Fire. 

We’ve been saying thank you to our viewers throughout 2022 as we celebrate turning 75 years old. Here’s a retrospective on our long history in the Washington Capital region.

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Where to Find NBC4 Washington

NBC4 is the Washington capital region's media leader, delivering weather, news and information across the main broadcast channel, NBCWashington.com, the NBC4 Washington app, on multiple streaming platforms, in newsletters, on YouTube and social media.

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Watch us for free via an over-the-air antenna on channel 4.1. On cable and satellite, you can find us at the following channels:

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Our newscasts air at the following times:

  • News4 Today from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m.
  • News4 Midday at 11 a.m.
  • News4 at 4 p.m.
  • News4 at 5 p.m.
  • News4 at 6 p.m.
  • News4 Rundown at 7:30 p.m. weekdays on our streaming channels
  • News4 at 11 p.m.

NBC4 Washington viewers can also watch our sibling stations. Find COZI TV over the air on channel 4.2. Find NBC LX News over the air at channel 4.3. Both channels are also available on cable, satellite, and streaming providers.


NBCWashington.com also provides viewers with 24/7 local, DMV and national news coverage. Visit the site every day for breaking news happening in your community, the most accurate weather reports and for insight into what's happening around the region with The Scene.

Our apps connect you with top local stories and weather, breaking news, live TV and award-winning investigative journalism. In our apps, you can:

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You can stream our newscasts and special reports on your schedule. Just look for NBC Washington D.C. News on your favorite free streaming service.

The channel is currently available on the following platforms:

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Also, get our app on Fire TV and Roku TV, where you can:

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Storm Team4 Weather

Storm Team4 is home to your exclusive 10-day forecast. Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer, along with meteorologists Chuck Bell, Amelia Draper, Clay Anderson and Ryan Miller keep Washington ahead of the storm. 

With state-of-the-art tools such as Storm Team4 Radar, Storm Ranger4 and the Storm Team4 4x4, our meteorologists help you stay alert for major storms and inclement weather. Whether you're receiving weather updates on-air, customized forecasts on our NBC4 Washington apps, or in-depth reporting on weather-related stories in our newscasts, you can count on the Storm Team4 to keep you informed and prepared.

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News4 in the Community

NBC4 and Telemundo 44 are committed to Working 4 You by providing solutions, responding to needs, and connecting with the community we serve each day. 

NBC4’s Molette Green and Telemundo 44’s Lillian Mass inform and inspire by spotlighting everyday people who are making a difference in the Washington, D.C. region.  

The stations proudly host charitable events, including the NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants, which has awarded more than $1.3 million to local nonprofit organizations; Clear the Shelters, the compassionate animal adoption and donation drive that helps find "forever homes" for thousands of furry friends, and Food 4 Families, a signature initiative addressing hunger in the DMV by providing turkeys, canastas and more for thousands of people in need.

Station leadership and staff regularly listen to and network with diverse outreach groups and small businesses though Community Action Board meetings and quarterly heritage receptions. The conversations and interactions help guide news storytelling and community initiatives.

NBC4 and Telemundo 44’s commitment to not only inform but also inspire is how the stations continue their mission of Working 4 You

Station Leadership

Jackie Bradford — President and General Manager
Emma Asante — Vice President of Community & Special Projects
Matt Glassman — News Director, NBC4
Michael Goldrick — Vice President of News
Alan Helfand — Vice President of Technology & Operations
Rachel Manning Hymel — Vice President of Human Resources
Vince Lattanzio — Director of Digital Media
Daniela Llargues — News Director, Telemundo 44
Patrick Notley — Senior Vice President of Sales
Patrick Stapleton — Vice President of Brand Marketing

Newsroom Leadership

Charlie Bragale — Manager, News Assignment
Carissa DiMargo — Editorial Manager, Digital News
Marcus Foster — Executive Producer
Jason Gittlen — Executive Producer, Weather & Special Projects
Adam Jacobs — Executive Producer
Ede Jermin — News Operations Manager
Anthony Mague — Managing Editor
Dante Wilson — News Production Manager
Melissa Younger — Executive Producer

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