Asphalt Cowboy

We wrote the lyrics to the Asphalt Cowboy recorded by several artist including Dave Dudley Lawton Williams and Sleepy Labeef written in 1965 and copyright but did not receive any payments and I am pursuing a cash settlement from several company’s.

Two songs 1966 were stolen and a fake copyright was entered with a fake name, to hide the thief from being found, now the royalities are needing recovered to the rightful owner of the lryics of two songs in particular, Asphalt Cowboy the version of Lawton Williams and Hank Thompson and others, The name Asphalt Cowboy later was used and stolen by Jason Aldeen and his record lable producer to pull in royalities by using an already branded song title, lost revenue must be collected and paid to the real song writer of the songs Asphalt Cowboy and Sweet Thang.

Measures are underway to hire a Lawyer to settle damages and reconstruction of lost benefits of the song have been lost because of greed and easy access to the public knowledge of the original lyrics of the Song, Asphalt Cowboy others used the pretense of the name Sweet Thang by using a little different twist to their lyrics but use the words Sweet Thing but still they have not captured the true reality and grit of the words of the Sweet Thang song Well I gave all my money to baby on payday except a little she didn’t know that I got, cause there’s a pretty little waitress down at the corner cafe and she seem’s to like me quite a lot. We are working on all this information with a law firm hired to proceed for the collection of all Royalities and Losses involved from the use of the song Title.

This page was published in July 16, 2020 9:16pm and finished today copyright updated and electronic signed by the original owner of the lyrics on both songs.

This page is copyright February 18, 2021 by copyright owner and lyrics writer

Ronny Chumley

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Sunland Park, New Mexico 88063

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