‘Life completely changed': Hit-and-run left Virginia woman in a coma

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A hit-and-run driver left a Virginia woman in a coma and her children desperate to find the person responsible.

Mary Wong, 63, was walking home from work about 8 p.m. Dec. 27 when she was struck in a crosswalk near her home in Springfield.

“Life just completely changed in that one moment,” said her daughter, Jeanie Wong.

Her mother’s prognosis doesn’t look good.

“They can’t really operate on her, so we’re just hoping that she wakes up,” said the victim’s son, David Wong. “Every day we try to stay positive, but the news from the doctors just aren’t that great.”

The Wongs’ father died of a heart attack in December 2021.

“It’s just so unfair that this had to happen so early on after we lost my dad,” David Wong said.

He and his sister say their mother always put them first and is the type of person who wants to make others happy.

“She’s just very warm,” Jeanie Wong said. “She would always ask people if they were hungry so she could find a reason to cook something in the kitchen and overfeed us.”

Fairfax County police reviewed surveillance video and believe a sedan hit Mary Wong.

“I’d want to say to them that they took our definition of home away from us,” David Wong said. “If you have any sort of self-conscience, I hope you step up and just admit to it.”

The family set up an online fundraiser to help with medical expenses.

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